Anne Hathaway Says She Picked up This Useful Parenting Trick from William and Kate

As parents, we each have our own tactics and techniques in making life easier in raising our children.

Never underestimate parents, their everyday struggles include handling children’s tantrums, whining, crying and constant complaining, on top of their jobs.

However, the burden is a lot heavier on first-time mums and dads who have absolutely no idea how to deal with young children.

Parenting is a learning curve and the more help you have along the way from other seasoned parents, the more likely you are to do a better job at raising your first child.

Hence, it’s only logical to ask fellow parents for advice that may be useful in making your experience a lot more pleasant.

Adopting Kate and William’s Tactics

The same is also true about celebrities. No, their life isn’t as perfect as you would imagine – they have to face the same concerns that most normal parents do which is why they, too, follow some parenting techniques from other A-listers.

Anne Hathaway is one of the famous celebrities who looks up to another powerful couple: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton. But what exactly has she learned from their parenting style? Well, you’ll have to continue reading to find out.

Anne Hathaway learned something from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that she tried with her son, Jonathan

We all know who Anne Hathaway is; we’ve come to love her for her versatility and stellar performances in films like Disney’s coming-of-age 2001 picture “Princess Diaries,” 2006’s comedy-drama “The Devil Wears Prada,” and the hit musical drama “Les Miserables” in 2012.

That’s not all, her stance against several issues made her even more admirable. But it turns out, someone as successful as her also adopts parenting techniques from other big names and she’s not shy about it.

‘Active Listening’

To be fair, the couple she looks up to are really no less than “experts” in parenting. The royal couple has three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, who we’ve come to love from their rare, yet adorable, public appearances.

But in these family outings, we can easily pick up on one thing – Kate and Prince William were always kneeling when they talk with their children.

Apparently, Hathaway takes note of the mannerism, too, and tries it whenever she speaks to her son, 2-year-old Jonathan, whom she shares with husband Adam Shulman.

Apparently, there’s a very good reason as to why the royal couple kneels down instead of towering over their kids when speaking to them.

Hathaway read that the Duke and the Duchess want their kids to feel empowered while communicating with them – this resonated with the 36-year-old actress and began practicing it with his son, whom she rarely posts about on social media.

The royal couple uses a technique called “active listening”

This tactic is called active listening, where the parents crouch to their children’s level to make sure they maintain eye contact while having a conversation, which lets the kids know that they are important.

You must have seen a lot of photos of Kate and Prince William crouching down as they talk to their kids on several occasions.

Come to think of it, there are many photos in which either one or both parents are leaning in to comfort or talk to their kids when they’re crying or throwing a tantrum.

Royal Couple’s Laudable Parenting Style

With that move, Prince William and Kate obviously value their kids’ point of view. Moreover, this highlights how they are putting utmost importance on listening to their children.

But this isn’t the only parenting technique you can copy from the Royals. They are also known to be attentive to the needs of their children – they immediately rush to their kids’ side once they are about to throw a fit in public, and, as captured by paparazzi, the couple is willing to drop everything they are doing just to reassure them.

Kate Middleton rushed to comfort Princess Charlotte when the child fell during an event last year

Last year during the Trooping the Colour 2018, a celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, the world had a glimpse of how Kate was able to handle pressure with grace even when all eyes were on her.

While on the balcony alongside some of the members of the royal family, Princess Charlotte accidentally fell backward and began crying.

The Duchess immediately knelt down and comforted her little girl, and soon, the young one enjoyed the rest of the parade with her brother Prince George and cousin Savannah Philips.

The way Kate and Prince William talk to their children during outings can greatly impact how the kids grow before the very eyes of the public.

This way they’ll learn to understand that they can make mistakes and learn from them without being scolded in front of a lot of people.