Check Out Hilary Duff’s Rad Floating Golden Workspace!

The pandemic has greatly changed everyone’s lives; some for the better, others not so much. But people all across the world are now trying their best to beat the pandemic blues. For the millennials and Generation Z, this period of isolation and social distancing has come around as a wake-up call, leading many to once again explore their old hobbies and interests.

Some resorted to sports, others to music, and some dabbled in the world of decorating and interior designing, just like our favorite Disney girl Hilary Duff. Recently, the American actress took to Instagram to showcase her newly designed home.

AD | The actress also gave a house tour to Architectural Digest recently

From Disney to the Real World

If there’s anyone who ruled Disney Channel back in the 2000s, it is Hilary Duff. Her television show The Lizzie McGuire Show was a massive hit and even went onto become a movie thanks to its popularity. Over the years, the world watched as the American actress blossomed into the person she is today.

As an adult in Hollywood, the starlet has starred in numerous TV shows and movies and even joined the world of business ventures. In 2019, she launched a partnership with Naturalena brands, including Happy Little Camper and Veeda, and was also appointed as their chief brand officer.

Disney/Getty | Even now, Hillary Duff is regarded as a true Disney icon and one of the OGs

New Home for a New Mom

When talking to Architectural Digest, Duff revealed that she wanted her house to feel like ‘a nice, warm hug’. The star recently remodeled her L. A home keeping in consideration her 3 young children.

But what caught the internet’s eye was the special touch the star gave to the bedroom. In an Instagram post, she shared the golden-colored small office nook that hung over the wall of her bedroom.


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Working the Ko Magic

Duff also shared that she couldn’t have done it without David Ko of Maison Ko, who led the project at Duff’s residence. He used his skill to create a workspace without taking up much space. The actress stated that she enjoyed the look it added and the idea behind the floating desk.

Duff shares the home with her husband and 3 children including a son from her previous marriage. The star considers this house to be well balanced for everyone and very personalized to her family. When talking about her life as a public figure and mother of 3, Duff stated that she wouldn’t want to have it any other way.