Chrissy Teigen Posted Baby Milestone Photo of John Legend and Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

Pinterest is the ultimate social media site for moms and dads out there who love everything DIY.

Don’t have an idea on how to redecorate the kitchen, to upcycle the age-old jeans you have, to prepare for your child’s birthday party? Fret not. You can find literally all the answers to every question about creativity you ever had in this haven.

That’s why people end up spending loads of time on this platform because they might come over to have a look at a cookie recipe, only to end up several hours later having watched countless DIY videos about a whole host of unrelated topics that they never originally intended to see.

Miles’ Monthly Milestone

For those of us who are obsessed with Pinterest, we find great joy with Chrissy Teigen’s latest effort to celebrate son Miles’ 9-month celebration.

The website is undoubtedly filled with ideas on kids’ monthly milestones and Chrissy’s version could easily be one of the best ones you could ever see.

The trend on Pinterest illustrates kids with signs that provide more insight into their hobbies, likes, and dislikes, etc.

As for Miles, according to his chalkboard, he loves his older sister Luna, bath time, and toys with musical noises. What he doesn’t like is quinoa. His favorite songs are “BINGO” and “Baby Shark,” which, to be honest, is the favorite for most kids nowadays.

As for the nine-month-old’s preferred bedtime stories, these include “See Me Bubble” and “Goodnight Gorilla.”

For Miles’ monthly milestone, Chrissy Teigen shared a sweet snap of the nine-month-old on Instagram

John Legend’s 482nd Month-Milestone

The following day, Teigen shared a seemingly familiar photo of the baby milestone, but this time, Miles seemed to be a fully grown man. Confused? We thought you might be.

Apparently, the fun isn’t over for the family as even the daddy, singer John Legend, had his turn with his monthly milestone in a hilarious rendition of the trend.

The hilarious sign with him in the photo gave away some of the singer’s secrets – he doesn’t like beets and those with bad grammar.

They were celebrating his 482nd month, and what better way to do this than to copy the same pose as his son in a similar outfit?

A day later, the matriarch posted her husband John Legend celebrating his 482nd month

This clearly is cause for a celebration amongst fans of the “All of Me” singer because they now know some insider details about him, which in this case, came directly from the horse’s mouth.

But more than that, it gives light on how the couple still has the power to bring humor and charm in every aspect of their lives.

Avid supporters of their family and relationship would know that this isn’t new for Teigen and John – the couple has been reigning supreme on social media for quite a while.

Be it when she needed help removing the green color she got on her fingers from eating to just poking fun at her husband, Teigen has been an open book for fans and critics alike.

However, it’s not all fun and games – she has also been vocal on social media on more serious issues like her struggles with parenthood; three months after her birth to Luna, she began experiencing post-partum depression, which smashed the common misconception that this usually develops immediately after the pregnancy.

Being Open about Anything

Months after giving birth to Luna, Chrissy Teigen suffered from post-partum depression

At first, everything was exciting and fun – Teigen felt the happiest she could be after giving birth to Luna, but things went downhill from there; their house was under construction during this time and the couple were living in temporary homes so she thought the waves of depression was just her body’s reaction to the circumstances.

Strangely for her, the symptoms of depression still remained long after she moved into her new home.

The “Lip Sync Battle” star didn’t know why she was unhappy and instead of reaching out to other people, she pulled herself away from the scene.

Teigen shared that she didn’t leave the house and mostly stayed in their couch, the same spot she would be found wearing comfy robes that she would keep in the pantry because she couldn’t go upstairs.

Eight months after, she sought help and she was diagnosed with post-partum depression and anxiety.

On her road to rehabilitation, she said she felt exhausted but happy; Teigen took antidepressants, which she said greatly helped her.

Since then, she has been open about her battles, even sharing her story in interviews, in order to help other women experiencing the same circumstances as she did and to let them know that it’s OK to feel that way.

Post-partum depression is nothing to be overly stressed about either, because remember, you are not alone.