Fostering the Bond: 5 Ways New Dads Can Spend Time with Their Baby

For mommies out there, it’s important to remember that parenthood is always about teamwork between you and your partner.

You may be thinking that you need to be doing all the work but take note that a father’s presence is something that every child should be allowed to experience.

While a mother’s role in a child’s life is undeniable, fathers are an equally valuable resource for a child’s upbringing – although we admit that dads barely do any of the work in comparison to mums who have to carry the child in their womb for 9 months and go through a painful delivery to bring him into the world.

That said, it pays to give your child some time with the father because it will be essential for forming a bond between the two of them.

Is your newborn getting enough cuddle time with his dad? If not, then you’re missing on a lot. There’s nothing more precious than watching your child developing a strong connection with his father, and there are certain steps you can take to foster the bond even further.

Reading Bedtime Stories

Dads can read the newborn a bedtime story for some quality bonding

Your newborn may not understand a word when you read a story to them, but listening to a familiar voice will definitely be a soothing experience.

For the ultimate father-child bonding, a dad can pick a bedtime story, which, by the way, will also be the first introduction of his likes and preference to the kid.

It can also be the perfect opportunity to see how that baby will react to the father’s voice – and as for you, the view of your partner going in character to entertain your bundle of joy is just enough to make your day.

Let Them Be

At first thought, this may be too vague. But ask yourself, how many times did you get mad at your husband for not carrying the baby the way you want her to be carried?

Let’s face it: we spend so much time with our newborn because we’re responsible for feeding them, but being controlling in almost all the aspects of your kid’s life can pester your partner and kill any possibility of them bonding.

Loosen the reins a little and let the dad take over the parenting responsibilities for a bit– you’ll be surprised to know how much they will enjoy their time with simple bonding activities.

Encourage Dad to Be There During Feeding

Fathers can be a part of feeding, which usually is a bonding time between the child and mom

We know what you’re thinking – feeding is usually an intimate interaction between a mother and a child so involving the father in this moment might seem unnecessary and silly, even.

Well, it’s true that moms are responsible for feeding their little ones but that certainly doesn’t mean that the dads can’t be involved too.

Mothers use breastfeeding as a bonding method with the newborn, but fathers can take advantage of these precious moments to not just strengthen their bond with the baby but also with the mother.

Let your partner take over some of the feeding responsibilities like burping the baby when they’re full.

This is just a small bonding between the father and baby and may also become a family thing. It’s pretty hard to push for family activities when there’s a newborn in the house – particularly because all the attention and care are focused on the little one – but this is one way of bringing fun in a simple activity.

Turn Bath Time into a Family Thing

Bath time may be messy and all but it can also be a fun way to spend time with the whole family

Speaking of family activities, bath time is one which you could turn into a family bonding.

If your baby loves taking a bath, then this would be easy-peasy – you could take turns massaging the body of the child. If it is pretty chaotic, you will certainly need the help of your husband.

Either way, this could be a perfect time for your partner to be confident in holding the baby, too. That’s not all, you can all make it a fun moment, what with all the splish-splashing, you and your husband will certainly feel like a child, too.

Cuddling Up

In the evening, it can be hard to juggle everything up – from feeding to changing diapers to fixing the table.

Chaos is such an understatement and if everything on your plate sounds so overwhelming, you can definitely tap your husband to help you out.

One of the ways is to let him cuddle up with the baby, which means you’ll have free time to do the chores you need to do. This means that they are bonding and at the same time you will be able to accomplish some tasks.