J.Lo Spotted Wearing ‘Ben’ Necklace – It’s 2002 All Over Again!

They say that good things come to an end, but it looks like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are challenging that statement.

If you don’t already know, the couple is bringing back the 2002 vibes, having rekindled their relationship only recently. Fans on both sides were shocked when the news about the two Hollywood stars broke, and some weren’t even too optimistic about it.

The Origins of Bennifer

Just to catch you up on their history, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez first met on the set of Gigli in the year 2001. This was followed by an appearance in the beloved music video for Jenny from the Block for the movie Jersey Girl. Even back then, the couple garnered quite the media attention, and soon tabloids coined the name “Bennifer”. The pair took the next step in their relationship by getting engaged in November of 2002.

The wedding was set for September 2003 but was postponed just 3 days before the event, the reason being the excessive media attention they were getting. This led to some distance between the two, finally culminating in the couple calling it quits in January 2004.

AP | 2002 Bennifer was one of the cutest couples in Hollywood

Living the 2002 Dream in 2021

There’s no doubt a lot of weird things have happened in the past years – billionaires have made it to space, and the housing industry is at an all-time high. But one thing everyone is surely excited about is the revival of their 2002 dreams. It was in April of 2021, after Jennifer and A-Rod’s engagement came to an end, that TMZ reported spotting Ben Affleck at Lopez’s Los Angeles home.

A source close to the pair stated that they were meeting as friends, but TMZ claims that the reunion may have happened while Jennifer Lopez was in a relationship with her ex-fiance. Despite all the claims, the pair have been getting close and comfy, making up for the lost time, we assume.

Getty Images | Shortly after their trip to Montana, they were soon spotted once again in Miami having a great time

Getting Serious Again

Fans are beginning to think that the relationship is getting serious now more than ever as Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing a ‘Ben’ necklace. The star was dressed in a white sundress with a Capri bag and Dolce & Gabbana shades paired with white-gold jewelry that showed off the name.

Mega | She was spotted sporting the necklace on her birthday in a steamy photo of the two

It’s like we’ve traveled back to 2002, and it can’t get better than this.