Kanye West Spends Nearly $60 Million on Malibu Beachfront Property

Kanye is no stranger to the world of showbiz. The 44-year-old has gained much fame in the past few decades from his multiple professions that include singing, rapping, producing, fashion designing, and entrepreneurship. With a net worth touching close to $2 billion, money’s no object when it guarantees comfort for this man.

GC Images | We know just how big of a household name Kanye is already – no surprise there

And this brings us to today’s news!

What’s New in West’s World?

It has come to the media’s attention that the social media mogul has decidedly added to his real estate portfolio. West just paid a whopping $57.3 million for a property located in Malibu, California.

An insider revealed Kanye’s thoughts about the house and it seems as though Kanye is very happy to have made an investment in the estate. It is reported that the house had been listed on the market for the entirety of a year before West got his hands on it.

Roger Davies | Kanye is now the proud owner of a beautiful Malibu beachfront mansion

More on the Property

People reports that Kanye and Kim worked alongside Axel Vervoordt for the interior of the home and came up with a beautiful white interior design. Kanye told AD that while he was brainstorming with Vervoordt about different ideas for the design, he thought that the Belgium designer could even design Batman’s house. He was sure from the get-go that he wanted Vervoordt to design the home.

What Else Does West Have To His Name?

As of right now, other properties that are under Kanye’s ownership are two huge ranches that are located in Wyoming. The media personality also owns a home with his estranged wife that is located in the famous Hidden Hills of Los Angeles.

Kim gave a tour of the beautiful property during a 73 Questions Interview with Vogue and in it, she revealed that the vibe of the whole house was an inspiration from Vervoordt – and Kanye, obviously. As Kim showed the heavily decorated rooms around the residence, she described the house to be a kind of a minimal monastery.

Vogue | Moments from before Kim and Kanye decided to call it quits

And That’s Not All

Kanye’s obsession and enthusiasm for design and architecture is quite apparent, and if not enough, it will be once he begins to bring it into his latest business venture. Just a few weeks prior, Business Of Fashion reported that West filed a trademark that listed a bunch of homeware products- with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Mascotte Holdings INC, Kanye’s property holding company, registered the trademark for all the goods such as tapestries, placemats, shower curtains, towels, pillowcases, blankets- detailing cashmere, silk, and fleece items.

The designer has yet to make an official announcement for the launch of his homeware products but it should be coming soon and we couldn’t be more excited!