Lewis Hamilton’s Bulldog Rakes in $700 a Day, Makes You Wish You Were a Pet

Raise your hand if you love your pet more than anything in this world, we know you do because we do too. There is something so endearing about them that simply melts our hearts.

Those of us who have a soft spot for these animals wouldn’t think twice before spending tons of cash on food, clothes, and toys but when it comes to our own needs, we might just settle for what’s on sale and save money for more important needs (pretty ironic huh?).

Of course, taking care of animals doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out tons of moolah – after all, being responsible is part of the job description. But if you have more to give, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pamper the adorable little furball, right?

Lewis Hamilton’s Love for Dogs

More than asking how much Lewis Hamilton earns, you should probably be more curious about his dog’s job

Such was the case of Lewis Hamilton, the five-time Formula One champion, who is just one of the many big personalities that give their pets the most lavish lifestyle they could possibly have.

At 34, he is widely considered as one of the fastest race car drivers of his generation and perhaps of all time. So you could say he has more money than a typical average Joe could ever make in his lifetime.

That said, there is no wonder as to why his dogs Roscoe and Coco have such a luxurious lifestyle – one that we could only imagine.

The bulldogs have their own Instagram accounts where you will see the places they have been to, the famous people they have met, and the parties they have been in (yeah I’m jealous too, FYI).

In fact, the photo-sharing app has been an avenue to have a glimpse of their owner as well! When he won his fifth world championship title at the Mexican Grand Prix in October last year, he said in his post that what he was excited about was leaving the country and flying home to Los Angeles where Roscoe and Coco are. The race car driver got the two canines in 2013 – first Roscoe and then, later on, Coco.

Roscoe and Coco

Roscoe earns his money from his modeling career

It turns out that Hamilton has been into pet dogs since he was a child because he grew up in a family that loves dogs.

That’s why it is easy to understand why he can’t stay away from them for too long – they even accompany him in his races.

This may be the reason why people from all over the world know who the bulldogs are, pretty much like celebrities; in fact, Roscoe cashes in big money because of his modeling career.

Yup, the dog has a modeling job, but not that Roscoe needed money or something. Apparently, he is a member of a modeling agency that hooks him up with different auditions that would put him against 10 to 15 dogs for a gig.

Hamilton revealed that his pet earns $700 a day for what he does, which is probably more than most people would earn on a daily basis.

Just to give you an idea: if the canine would do this full-time, he would be garnering more than $180,000 annually, which is three times more than the 2016’s median household income in the United States.

Hamilton’s ex-girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger, with the F1 driver’s bulldog

Karl Lagerfeld’s Choupette

Roscoe isn’t the only one who makes big money from his career; there is another great contender, perhaps an even more popular one: Choupette.

The Birman cat is owned by none other than the late Karl Lagerfeld himself, Chanel’s iconic fashion designer who was also once linked with some of the most luxurious brands in the fashion industry.

Like Hamilton, the creative soul was known to have a soft heart for his feline, a far cry from his less than appropriate attitude and sentiments towards the people around him.

Lagerfeld was the kind of individual who speaks his mind, which might often end up offending those around him but for Choupette, things were different.

The man only had nice things to say about the cat, even revealing at one time that he would leave a chunk of his money to her, something that has sparked a lot of debate recently.

However, it can be safely assumed that the pet cat does not really need it’s an inheritance, especially considering that the cat earned more than $2 million in 2014 alone!

In 2014, Choupette reportedly raked in a minimum of $2 million from her two stints: one for a Japanese beauty line Shu Uemura, where she lent her name, and the other one for German car Opel, where she posed for an ad campaign.

As for the brands she worked with, Lagerfeld said the cat simply won’t work with cheap ones.