Queen Elizabeth’s Great Grandchildren Are Back to School and They Are “Just Normal” Students.

Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George are back to school from their brief winter holidays. Earlier this week, the 6-year-old Princess Charlotte and 8 years old George started their lent term at $30,000 per year at private school St. Thomas’s Battersea. Likewise, the 3 years old Louis also reattended Willcocks Nursery School this week. 

KEHN / Pexels / The great-grandkids of Queen Elizabeth are treated “just like other students” at school, reveals St. Thomas School’s headmaster.

Nonetheless, Prince William and Kate Middleton are “deeply concerned” about their kids’ future, and they want to keep their royal status at bay. They see schools as a place with no social prejudices and are “crystal fair” in treating their students – regardless of their cultural background and social status. 

The Royal Children are “Just Normal” Students. 

Royal children do not use their royal status in school despite their royal stature. “They are just normal students,” a report from St. Thomas Battersea School revealed. The report further highlights that Kate Middleton and Prince William want to have a peaceful environment for their kids so that they can “grow without any social pressure.” 

Generally speaking, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a pretty clear perspective on their royalties, and they do not want it to disrupt their kids’ future. They constantly advocate for schools to provide an atmosphere that is away from social prejudices. 

St. Thomas Battersea’s headmaster also asserts that “Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandkids will not be given any special treatment at all.” “We want to keep the (school’s) atmosphere equal for all, and we shall never observe any discriminatory practices,” the report further said. 

Tima / Pexels / The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want their children to grow in an atmosphere that is free from social prejudices.

Technically, the family’s royal title is Mountbatten Windsor, based on the last name of the royalty. However, the children do not use their royal titles in the classroom. Rather, they use Cambridge as their last name, referring to their parents as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

The same report was from the Willcocks Nursery School about the three-year-old Prince Louis. “Louis is one of our great students,” the report said. The statement further argues that they have “a diverse atmosphere and have students of different backgrounds – from all over the world.” The Willcock Nursery school concludes with a clear message saying: “All of our students are equally important for us. We treat every single one of them with fairness. And Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandkids are no exception.” 

Prince George & Princess Charlotte Love Ballet 

George is in Year 4 and is studying major subjects like English, science, geography, history, and maths. He also learns French and is taught religion and art by subject specialists. However, he loves his ballet classes as he is a keen fond of pop culture and dance.  

Pavel / Pexels / Princess Charlotte’s school has music classes, jigsaw dances, and a “Loo Time,” a report from the school suggests.

Likewise, Charlotte is in Year 2 and is tackling the major subjects as George. Interestingly enough, she also loves ballet and has a passion for music. Nevertheless, the royal families constantly homeschool their kids, and “George always surpasses the two.”