Ree Drummond Faces Social Media Backlash Over a Joke: Here is What She Has to Say

Ree Drummond is an enthusiastic and professional chef who has aired 300 episodes and 29 seasons since her debut on the Food Network in 2007. Ree Drummond is the best-selling cookbook author in America, and she is running her show called “The Pioneer Woman” on the Food Network. The lady has a good sense of humor and she calmly deals with her critics.

New Beauty / Drummond has a good sense of humor and has “a lot of weight-losing tips.”

Since the beginning of Covid-19, Drummond’s family has taken responsibility for The Pioneer Woman production, and they often operate with the production.

What Actually Happened on the Show?

The same scenario was going on in a trailer that Drummond had released for the upcoming episode of The Pioneer Woman/ This is when she faced criticism on the show discipline and décorum by some viewers.

It happened when Drummond’s daughter Paige Drummond and her brother-in-law Mauricio Scott, were pretending to have a skirmish over who would be the first to taste Drummond’s latest recipe. At the same time, Drummond’s elder sister (the wife of Mauricio Scott) was operating with the camera behind the scene.

When both of them were playfully pushing each other, Drummond made a joke.
“I did not really invite you guys one this side of the table. I was asking who will be the first to taste it.” This is what happened there. Everyone was having fun. On the other hand, this backfired at Drummond on social media.

Response From the Viewers

On this visual trailer piece, fans joined Drummond in the comment section. Some fans took that all negative and complained against the show’s lack of discipline and decorum. After viewing the negative feedback, Drummond responded calmly. She said:

“I was just scratching my head while reading those comments that what was wrong there.”

Omkar / Pexels / Drummond is “rarely bothered by social media backlash.” She confesses in one of her Instagram posts.

However, when Drummond watched a clip like this, she just picked it up with a laughing emoji. Ree’s family joined her in the comment section to take it all into stride by calling the scene A Classic Paige vs. Mauricio Brawl. Nonetheless, Drummond confessed that most of the viewers got the intended joke that she made on the show. She said: “Most of the comments that I received were positive, and people are happy with all that.”

“This is how moms cook,” one wrote. “That’s my favorite part of the show, so hilarious and joyful,” another wrote. “I love the laid back that is much better than professional version,” another supportive comment followed by another one. “You and the kids do well; it makes the show more relatable and hilarious.”

Pop Slider / According to Forbes, Drummond is one of the richest celebrities with a staggering net worth of $1.5 million.

Summing up

All that happened in that visual trailer piece, everyone took it with their own perception. People usually love to watch content that conveys the purpose with something joyful and has a good sense of humor. However, there was nothing wrong with what “The Pioneer Woman” was criticized for.

Drummond is again offering free tours for her fans to the place where she films herself for The Pioneer Woman. However, tickets are required for Lodge tours and are available at The Merc.