Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne’s Matching Tattoos Have a Significant Meaning

Selena Gomez And Cara Delevingne’s Matching Tattoos Have A Significant Meaning

We all adore Selena Gomez for her intriguing look and are always mesmerized by her songs. But have you ever noticed her tattoos? Did you know Selena’s every tattoo is a symbol of her friends who have left a significant mark on her life?

Selena / Instagram / Selena has “multiple” matching tattoos with people who have inspired her in any way, she reveals in an interview with Kely and Ryan.

Earlier this month, famous tattoo artist Bang Bang revealed that Selena has a pink rose tattoo on her back. Surprisingly enough, the tattoo matches with her friend – and the Only Murder in the Building star – Cara Delevinge. The news became a headline on every channel, and Kelly and Rayan brought it up in their live show.

“What does the pink rose (on your back) mean to you,” the hosts asked Selena Gomez. She smiled at Kelly and said: “It means a lot of different things. It represents my childhood friendship with Cara.

When I was only 16, she used to call me Rosebud.” She further explains that she always wanted a rose tattooed somewhere on her body that would remind her of the healthy friendship with Cara. “Now I have got the rose on my back, and I am so happy for it,” she says as she breaks into the most adorable smile.

Selena / Instagram / Selena Gomez has matching tattoos with her mom and Julia Michael.

During the live show with Kelly and Ryan, the hosts ask her if Cara is the only friend with whom she shares her memories through matching tattoos. Selena goes on to say that Cara is by no means the only one with whom she has a matching tattoo. “There are a lot of tattoos that match with multiple,” she asserts. “I am a keen fond of having matching tattoos with people who have left a significant mark on my life,” she grinningly confirms.

Furthermore, Gomez affirms that her mom and Julia Michael are the two others among “many” with whom she has matching tattoos. “Do you have a plan of having a matching tattoo with someone as we speak,” ask the hosts? “I do,” she says as she bursts into the most loving laugh. “But I will keep to myself for now. It is not to meant to be public yet,” she concludes.

Selena / Instagram / “Beauty with Brain” Selena Gomez was the most acclaimed icon in 2021.

Akin to her charming look and addictive songs, Selena has an adorable heart. She has this worthwhile idea of remembering the people who have inspired her at any part of her life. And what could possibly be a better way to remember someone – like forever – than a tattoo? I mean, she practically roams around with those memories and life marks printed on her body.