This Couple Replicates Pregnancy Reveal Photos But With a Hilarious Twist

The topic of infertility is a no laughing matter. It should be dealt with seriously because simply put, it’s a very sensitive issue that affects millions of couples worldwide. There are many people who spend a fortune on treatments and hospital visits just to feel the joy of having their own family, but pregnancy is simply not written in their fate.

Sometimes, this problem takes a toll on a relationship because some would say that a child is the strongest binding force in a marriage without which relationships can fall apart. However, there are those make their relationship work despite the setback and their love for each other only gets stronger during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, as much as the struggle to conceive a baby is all too real, there are a few couples who are trying to make the best of the situation and not let the stress of infertility affect their marriage. Just look at Whitney and Spencer Blake, a couple that has been struggling with infertility but is now using humor as a coping mechanism to make light of the problem.

Whitney and Spenser have realized that no matter how many curveballs life throws at them, humor will always be the best way to dodge them. Nevertheless, don’t misconstrue them as a couple who simply didn’t care about not having a child. In fact, their journey is filled with disappointments, but despite it all, they made it a point to show other couples that not having a kid isn’t the end of the world.

Painful Journey

The Blakes have been trying to conceive a child for many years now. They had a painful journey as they witnessed their friends and family starting their own families and announcing their pregnancies on social media. The Blake couple tried undergoing fertility treatments, but unfortunately, none of them were successful.

Infertility became even more painful for Whitney and Spencer, especially during pregnancy announcements of their friends

One of the hardest things they had to face were pregnancy announcements, especially when they involved their close friends and family. Despite their disappointment, they had to muster their strength to celebrate the special news with people who were starting on a wonderful journey, one that they knew they could not embark on.

That’s not all, infertility took a toll on Whitney’s mental health as well. It made her question herself and feel less feminine. She would often compare herself to other women or be jealous of others who could start a family. This was despite her knowledge that a child isn’t exactly a measure of her self-worth, but there were times when her emotions would take over her, especially during the moments when she needed to fake a smile just to be happy for another person’s blessing.

Developing a Sense of Humor

Unbeknownst to many, Whitney and Spencer are the couple behind the viral photos about “infertility announcements” that give humor to a serious topic. Whitney said that in a way, it’s their coping mechanism to the heartaches and their struggles. The Blake pair now has two adopted kids but during their childless years, they already found a way to make things lighter with an infertility board game made by Whitney.

This is just one of Whitney and Blake Spencer’s version of their announcement

Apparently, the sense of humor stems from her husband, Spencer, who knows how to make her laugh even in stressful situations. Whitney said that he has a special knack for listening to her qualms and the best part is that he knows how to make her feel better when she’s feeling down.

The Blakes were on their third year of struggle when they decided to create an idea that may be too shocking for some people. In an interview, Spencer said they were laughing their hearts out when as they thought about recreating some of the famous pregnancy announcements on the internet. The products of the idea were nothing short of funny and amusing and somehow proved that it’s OK to laugh at them.

A Silver Lining

As opposed to most announcements that are intended to be given to friends and families, the Nampa, Idaho-based couple said they made their own versions to raise awareness on infertility and to give other people a glimpse of how it feels to be on the receiving end of pregnancy messages when they don’t have the same good news to share.

Whitney and Spencer Blake adopted two sons, Mason and Kellen

Spencer said most of the comments they had been receiving were positive and a lot of feedback they got was from people who also experience the same struggles. Although sharing something as personal and sensitive as the topic of infertility does have its drawbacks, the couple said, that those who find humor in their creations made it worth the effort.

If there’s anything good infertility brought the couple, it is their kids, Mason and Kellen, who were adopted. Whitney said that although the issue was definitely not lovable, it has led to two wonderful boys whom she can’t imagine living life without and become an important part of their life.