Your Favorite Celebrites’ Life-Saving Parenting Hacks You Need to Follow

There’s no single handbook on parenting that everyone must follow for raising their children.

In fact, there is no such thing as perfect parenting which is why most of us have to commit to the learning curve and strive to be the best version we can be for our kids, no matter how old they are.

As parents, it’s our duty to guide them in every way we can, but of course, there are times when we can’t figure things out on our own and need to resort to getting advice from fellow parents.

It’s normal to feel clueless or get frustrated over things that are not working with your kids despite the effort. That’s why most parents are on the lookout for tips and tricks to grow and learn as they raise their children.

However, we don’t always have to shell out money on advice from these so-called experts when there are a lot of people out there who are willing to share their experiences to make parenting easier for you.

Even celebrity moms have some useful tips we can certainly apply to our lives and see if they work. Here are a few you might want to try:

On Keeping Kids Asleep

Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard brings out creativity just to keep their kids asleep

Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard, who have two lovely children, Delta and Lincoln, know how difficult it is to put children to bed and keep them asleep throughout the night.

But the “Frozen” actress revealed in an interview that they take extra measures to name sure that nothing interrupts their kids’ sleep.

Even though it isn’t as quite as groundbreaking as it may seem, the couple puts tin foils on windows and secure them with duct tape just to keep all the noise and sunlight out. Kudos for their creativity and teamwork!

Be a Role Model

When it comes to kids, there’s a high possibility that they will replicate the behavior they see in their parents. This sounds harmless until you accidentally let out a cuss word after bumping your head on the cabinet.

But take it from former First Lady Michelle Obama, who likes to practice what she preaches. Mrs. Obama says that when it comes to giving her children the best upbringing, she let her actions do all the talking.

The former first lady wants her daughters Malia and Sasha to see a role model in her and wants to set a fierce example of how women can be independent and fearless.

Expect the Unexpected

Blake Lively knows that motherhood is always full of surprises

This tip is from none other than the very glamorous mum, Blake Lively. There is no doubt that she can pull a stunning look on red carpet that can make heads turn, but the less glamorous part of her job is being a mother to kids, Inez and James.

Lively follows one of the simplest yet most effective tricks when it comes to motherhood. The “Gossip Girl” alum once shared that being a mom meant that you have to be prepared for a lot of surprises.

One moment you and the kids are having a great time, and the next thing you know they’re throwing a fit. Anything can happen when you’re raising a kid and the only thing that’s constant in parenting is change.

Make Eye Contact

This advice is practiced by one of the most influential couples of this age, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Have you ever noticed photos of the royal family wherein either or both Kate Middleton and Prince William are crouching or kneeling down as they talk to their kids?

Apparently, it’s because they believe in making eye contact with their children while talking to them. This form of communication is called active listening and is used to let the little ones know that what they have to say is important, too.

Limit Their Screen Time

As much as possible, Megan Fox limits her kids’ screen time and deter them from social media

Megan Fox is currently raising three wonderful kids and there’s one rule she strictly follows when it comes to their entertainment consumption.

The actress limits their screen time because she believes that this can be bad for their brain development.

What’s more, the “Jennifer’s Body” star prohibits them from social media because it could harm their self-esteem. Indeed, the internet is a vast space where your children could fall into the wrong hands.

Take a look at what’s happening now – the so-called Momo Challenge allegedly tricks children into hurting themselves by telling them that their loved ones would be the ones to get hurt if they don’t do the dares.