Cardi B Posts Adorable Clip of Baby Kulture’s Dancing Skills That Will Melt Your Heart

Because of the advent of social media, it has become easier than ever to show to the world just how much of a doting parent you are.

Sharing a clip or photo of your precious little one is a fool-proof way of garnering likes and awe-struck comments – after all, who doesn’t love an adorable sight any time of the day?

More so, if you are a celebrity, the exposure is at a maximum – meaning more people will see your posts and therefore there will be more followers who will give you a thumbs up. However, there are those who simply want to keep their personal lives private.

What sets Cardi B apart from other celebrities who post their kids on social media is that she doesn’t – both her and partner Offset have been staying notoriously privy when it comes to their only daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus, a delightful baby girl born in July last year.

Cardi B values her daughter’s privacy

Everything about their bundle of joy had been kept out of the spotlight and people were not surprised at all. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper hid her pregnancy so well that only a handful of people speculated about it.

Keeping Things Under Wraps

If there is a queen of disguise, it may be Cardi B. If we take a look back, we might have never guessed that she was pregnant – thanks to her careful choices of dress and apparel during her appearances. But why did she do it?

Apparently, the award-winning rapper was afraid of what people will say about her first pregnancy.

At one point, she even said that she had no plans of revealing the truth, but because of the prying eyes of the paparazzi, she had no choice but to finally address the matter.

In previous interviews, she denied that she was pregnant and said she was gaining weight when people started noticing her bump. In other interviews, Cardi B remained coy about it or she just talked her way around the topic.

Prior to her big revelation on “Saturday Night Live,” she and her team had some pretty impressive and creative ways to keep her pregnancy under wraps.

She has so much to thank for to her styling team who made sure her clothes were crafted to make onlookers see the illusion of a slimmer woman.

Cardi B hid her pregnancy by wearing outfits that could deceive onlookers

 Hiding Kulture from the Public

Now, when Kulture was born, Cardi B’s fans swarmed the internet, scrambling to find a glimpse of the bundle of joy.

But to their disappointment, they did not find a single post that showed the baby girl – this changed in early December last year when the world finally saw how beautiful the little girl is, when Cardi uploaded a photo of her child with a bib that has her name on it.

But to be fair, the couple has been generally elusive when it comes to the baby, only teasing the supporters every now and then.

That’s why any update of Kulture brings joy to the fans and thankfully, Cardi B recently posted a video featuring none other than the baby dancing to the beat of her dad’s tune.

Possibly to promote tOffset’s new album, the matriarch uploaded the short clip of the little girl laughing and jumping to “Ric Flair Drip,” which the “Money” singer said is one of the baby’s favorite songs.

Offset also uploaded the album cover of “Father of 4,” in which he displayed his four kids: three from previous relationships and Kulture, who was sitting on his lap.

Although the album art was nothing short of magnificent, the Migos rapper also shared a short clip of what was needed to get the perfect shot – the team and the father had to think of means to get the attention of the kids during the photoshoot.

Still Upholding Privacy

Despite their recent marriage drama, Cardi B and Offset like to keep their family affairs private

After the recent public displays of their private lives and family, one would assume that the couple would be more open about their kids on social media, right? Well, not exactly.

The mommy had been firm and repetitive in her decision not to overshare her baby to the world.

In an interview in November, she said that this was because there are too many mean people out there who can be critical which can have a negative impact on the family and their relationship, sentiments that are echoed by her other half Future as well.