Drew Barrymore Praises Alexandra Michler For Being a Great Stepmom

Growing up watching Cinderella and Snow White movie adaptations, many of us may have judged stepmoms as evil and nasty creatures who mistreat children for fun. But has anyone ever tried to find out what real-life stepmoms are like? Are they as bad as they’re shown on-screen? Can they actually be as caring and loving like regular moms? Seems they can, as is evident from Drew Barrymore and Alexandra Michler’s case! 

© ArmchairExpertPod | Recently, Drew Barrymore opened up about her children’s stepmother during her appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast 

Recently, during her appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast, Drew Barrymore got candid over her children’s stepmother. She described her as an angel and God’s greatest gift to her, whom she’s not willing to lose at any cost.

Barrymore’s shocking revelation

On September 27, 2021, Barrymore graced the sets of the Armchair Expert podcast to discuss her struggles with fame as a child artist and how motherhood changed her for good. The Charlie’s Angels star gave fans an insight into her personal life and why she keeps her children away from the limelight. 

Jim Spellman/WireImage | During the podcast, Barrymore said she wants her daughters to have a normal childhood, and Alexandra helps her do that

Speaking about her two daughters, 9-year-old Olive and 7-year-old Frankie, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, Barrymore said she wants them to be kids and enjoy their childhood while they can. She explained that she doesn’t put her kids on social media because she doesn’t want them to face that part of the world right now. However, the 46-year-old allows them to watch TikTok and do fun stuff online under her supervision.

Referring to Kopelman’s recent marriage with Alexandra Michler (aka Allie, the director of fashion development at Vogue), the 50 First Dates star said she feels like she has won Allie in a lottery. She stated that it’s a blessing that Allie came into Kopelman’s life and met and interacted with her daughters on a personal and real level.

Though Barrymore shares a unique and beautiful equation with Allie, she never tries to be her best friend. She confessed that Allie knows she’s her biggest supporter, but Barrymore tries to maintain a balance between their relationship. At times, they hang out together, plan the kids’ birthdays and even go for trips, but when it comes to privacy, Barrymore never interferes. 

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time the actress gave a shout-out to Allie. Earlier, when she appeared on The Howard Stern Show, she was thankful about not having an evil stepmother for her children. At that time, Barrymore was quoted saying that Allie is a wonderful girl and Kopelman will stay very happy with her.

Coppola/Getty Images | Drew Barrymore believes that Allie is a wonderful girl and Kopelman will stay very happy with her

Barrymore and Kopelman’s love story

Unlike many couples, Barrymore and Kopelman didn’t fall in love at first sight. Instead, they stayed friends for a couple of years before dating. The duo first became friends, learned about each other, traveled together, confessed their love, and then got engaged in December 2011 in Sun Valley, Idaho. Six months later they tied the knot at Drew’s residence in Montecito, California, and in 2016 they parted ways citing irreconcilable differences.